Monday, March 18, 2013

KiOR ships first cellulosic diesel

KiOR, Inc., developer of a catalytic pyrolysis process to produce renewable rude oil from biomass (earlier post), has begun initial shipments of cellulosic diesel from its plant in Columbus, Mississippi. The facility is designed as an initial scale commercial facility, processing 500 bone dry tons of sustainably harvested woody biomass per day for an annual capacity of more than 13 million gallons of gasoline, diesel, and fuel oil blendstocks.

KiOR's facility uses pine wood chips previously feeding a shut down paper mill at Columbus to produce the renewable oil, which is processed into gasoline and diesel blendstocks. KiOR's renewable gasoline is the first renewable cellulosic gasoline registered by the Environmental Protection Agency for sale in the US. (Earlier post.)

With first production at Columbus, KiOR hastechnology with the potential to resurrect each and every shut downpaper mill in the country and to replace imported oil on a costeffective basis while creating American jobs. This facilitydemonstrates the efficacy of KiOR's proprietary catalyticbiomass-to-fuel process with the potential to deliver cellulosicgasoline and diesel to the US.

-Fred Cannon, KiOR's President and CEO

Studies show that KiOR fuels will have a significant reduction in lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions when compared to fossil-based fuels. KiOR fuels in today's engines can provide a carbon emissions profile comparable to or better than electric cars run off the US electric grid, KiOR says.


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