Friday, March 8, 2013

Geothermal Power Exposed

Website: This video is about defining what geothermal power is. Facebook Twitter: Mainly geothermal heat pumps. Earth underground is roughly a constant 55 degrees Fahrenheit depending on where you live in North America. This temperature is year round. What geothermal is doing is you're running tubing underground, at different depths, depending on what type of geothermal tubing design you get with fluid in it. The fluid either pulls the heat out of the earth in the winter and brings that heat through a heat exchanger in your home where you can then heat your home. In the summer, you can reverse the heat pump in your home and pull the cool from the earth into your home and pull the hot air out of the home and dump it into the earth. It's a constant loop where you are moving either hot or cold air from the earth to the home or vice versa. These are very efficient. These are way more efficient than the best air conditioning unit with your 15 SEER rating, heat pumps are much higher than that. For heating, heat pumps deliver about three times more energy in heat than they consumer in electric power. That's a pretty good net gain. You can have a water source heat pump. If your house is next to a pond you can have the tubing go into the water because under water, a few feet below, is also a constant temperature. These are a good idea to build or install when you are doing new construction, before the house is built so you can get all ...

Credit: mrenergyczar


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