Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why Does Germany Want It's Gold Back?

Website: MrEnergyCzar.com Hey everybody, MrEnergyCzar here. This video is about, why does Germany want it's gold back from the Federal Reserve in New York? Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: Twitter.com In a moment, I'll show you some video clips of what the experts are saying. I'm not a gold expert so please help me on this by commenting on this video below. Since World War II the Germans have stored hundreds of tons of gold in the New York Fed gold vault. Now they want it back, but why? Do they think it isn't there? Did the gold get leased out to other countries? Why is it going to take seven years for Germany to get back their gold? Can't they just pack it up and ship it to them in a few weeks? I think the Fed may have had an incentive to sell gold in order to keep the price of gold down so the dollar remains stronger. My first thoughts were that Germany might be thinking that they can't keep the Euro solvent by constantly bailing out other European countries who are in the Euro. By repatriating their gold they will have a better ability to put a gold standard back on a new German currency. Here's what the experts are saying. Sources/Links: youtu.be youtu.be youtu.be youtu.be Gold Germany Currency Peak Oil News EV Sounds BMW I3 Biofuel Wind Power Natural Gas Fracking Cadilliac ELR Nissan Leaf Nuclear China Japan Beijing South China Sea Oil Solar Trash Can Tesla Model S Car of the Year General Electric Wind Turbine Arctic Oil Gas Plug-in "Electric Car" Extended ...


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