Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Peak Oil News: 1/8/13

Website: This is Peak Oil News for January 8th, 2013. I'm your host, MrEnergyCzar. We're covering Peak Oil, Renewable Energy, Electric Cars and everything in-between. Washington State residents, who own electric vehicles, will be the first in the nation to pay a $100 per year fee in place of gas taxes. The money will go towards road maintenance. The fee, however, does not apply towards plug-in hybrids such as the Chevy Volt, Honda Accord Plug-in or Plug-in Prius. The Ford Fusion Energi Plug-in hybrid is hitting the market. The Ford's battery range will be about half that of the Volt's. This means the EV tax credit will be several thousand dollars less than the Volt's. This makes the Ford Fusion Energi more expensive than the Volt with about half the electric range but it does have a fifth seat. Tesla is expanding it's supercharger locations to the East Coast. They have installed chargers in Connecticut and Delaware rest areas. These superchargers can charge the Tesla Model S electric car 150 miles in 30 minutes. Tesla Model S owners can now make the trip from Washington to Boston. These charging stations are free to use but are for Tesla owners only. China is to flatten 700 mountains in the middle of a desert to build a city in the Northwest part of the country. This "Mountain-moving project" will cost several Billion dollars just to blow-up the 700 mountains. In it's place, a full fledged city will be built with high rises, lakes, beaches and gardens. It ...

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