Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Peak Oil News: 1/22/13

Website: MrEnergyCzar.com This is Peak Oil News. I'm your host, MrEnergyCzar. We're covering Peak Oil, Renewable Energy, Electric Cars and everything in-between. Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: Twitter.com GM's Volt investment is starting to pay off. GM unveiled the Volt based Cadillac 2014 ELR plug-in. This Voltillac will have the same Volt battery and engine but it will be tuned to have even more horsepower and torque than the Volt. The ELR will have an electric range of about 35 miles slightly less than the Volt's 38 mile electric range. Nissan Leafs are now being made in America. Nissan has surprised many in the EV world by making their entry level Nissan Leaf $6000 less than the previous cheapest Leaf. They can be had for about $28000 or $21000 after the EV tax credit. That's $10000 less than the average new car. The South China Sea oil region keeps heating up. Japan and China may find themselves at war if they can't agree on who owns the disputed islands. This ultimately will determine who owns the oil. China's latest deadliest warship has even entered the region. As US military resources pivot towards Asia, things should get very interesting in the South China Sea. The world's conventional cheap oil production continues it's relentless ugly decline. Because of this, nations will get desperate and make claims on the few remaining oil scraps. New Orleans has installed a couple hundred solar powered trash compactors for the Superbowl. These save oil because the ...


Credit: mrenergyczar


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