Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Peak Oil News: 12/26/12

Website: MrEnergyCzar.com This is Peak Oil News for December 26th, 2012. I'm your host, MrEnergyCzar. We're covering Peak Oil, Renewable Energy, Electric Cars and everything in-between. The updated 2013 Nissan Leaf has been released in Japan. It's getting about a 10 mile electric range increase from about 73 to 83 miles. There will also be an entry level model of the Leaf which will be cheaper than previous models. More importantly, Nissan opened it's new battery plant in Tennessee. These American made lithium battery packs will go into the electric cars that will be made in the adjacent Nissan plant. The Leaf battery upgrade, however, does not include a liquid cooling system for the batteries. The military is researching the use of electric vehicles to provide energy security to military base micro grids. In conjunction with wind and solar, EV's can help stabilize a military bases power grid during disruptions. Hopefully this will reduce military casualties, as many soldiers have died while delivering diesel fuel across the battlefield to military bases. It is reported that up to $52 billion a year is spent on fossil fuel subsidies. A lot of the subsidy is in the form of free overseas military services, securing of pipelines and keeping the oil shipping lanes secure. Many people don't realize that American tax dollars pay for the oil flow security that all other oil importing nations benefit from at no cost to them. If you had the oil companies pay, for the free military ...


Credit: mrenergyczar


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