Friday, September 28, 2012

Chevy Volt: Tire Inflator Compressor

Website: This is my Chevy Volt tire inflator video. My PSI in my tires is down to about 37 to 38. You get individual pounds per square inch per tire in the Chevy Volt due to the sensors in the tires. I have 38 in the front and 37 in the rear and would like to bring them up to about 42 to get better EV range and miles per gallon. In the trunk you have your tire inflator next to the cord set. It's a nice compact unit. You have built-in tire sealant in the unit. If you have a hole in the sidewall of the tire you can't use the sealant and you have to get towed. If you have a nail on the tread, you can use the sealant. Attach the cord to any of the cigarette lighters in the Chevy Volt. I have found that the gauge is pretty accurate. If it says its 42 psi, you can check the number inside the car and I also use a digital device as well. You screw the tube in the tire before turning it on. Turn it on, it is loud. I fill it to 42 psi and verify with the digital device. It' reads exactly 42 psi. It's pretty accurate. Do this to all your tires a few times per year and you should get a lot better mileage. Facebook Twitter: Video Chevy Volt Tire Inflator PSI Energy Heating Panels Plant Systems Hot Water Heat Heating Wars China Economic Collapse Book Review Brende Amish Rail Truck Horse World oil supply high embargo demand solar how to alternative fuels global warming Peak Oil crisis understanding explaining peakoil petroleum future ...

Credit: mrenergyczar


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