Wednesday, January 18, 2012

12-16-11 2 - Breaking News Keystone XL Pipeline, with Joe Romm - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

With today's decision by the Obama Administration to deny the proposed Keystone XL pipeline project, I came across this interview by Keith Olbermann with Joe Romm back in December talking about the project.  Back in December the Republicans tied the Keystone XL project to passing the Payroll Tax Deduction and attempted to force the Administration to make a decision within 60 days.  Well, the Administration did so and said that the Republicans push to make a decision now forced the Administration to just deny the request outright, because they couldn't make a decision so quickly.

In any case Olbermann and Romm had a great discussion of the points back then.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Permanent magnet free energy generator? Possible?

Just came across this video from an Argentinian who claims to have developed a "free energy device" based on permanent magnet motor principles.  The video looks like a real working free energy device and they even show there's no extra wires running into it, while its in operation.  However such things aren't valid by normal physics due to "laws" of thermodynamic conservation and the like.  But even though physics people call those things "laws" they're really theory which are so solid because nobody has disproved them in a few hundred years and these laws of physics are used as the basis for other aspects of physics.  However they're only concrete laws insofar as the extent to which physics scientists have managed to understand how the universe works.

Another name for this sort of device is "permanent magnet generator".

To review - a free energy device is one which produces a surplus of energy.  In other words, it generates energy above the energy cost of running the device.  In other words, that the ratio of the energy output to the energy input is greater than 1 (more energy comes out than goes in).  Another phrase widely used is "over-unity".

The principle/law of conservation of energy says that shouldn't be possible.  So...

What's demonstrated is an inner axle on which it appears some magnets are mounted.  The outer part appears to have pickups to gather electricity.

There are known widely used processes where you can spin a machine like this and generate electricity.  Every gasoline powered car has one such gizmo, "the alternator".  However by conventional physics it takes some effort to spin the alternator (a.k.a. generator), and the role of an electrical generator is to convert physical force into electricity.  The physics is that spinning a wire through a magnetic field causes electricity to flow through the wire.

This video instead shows the device continuing to spin for quite awhile and continue to generate electricity.

If this video is validly showing a valid device then I wonder why the person is wasting their time making youtube videos.  They should instead just go into business building generators and solve the world energy crisis.  But because that isn't the case it calls into question the validity of the video.  That and the principles/laws of physics I just mentioned.