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ThinkEco's modlet should help you save energy with insight and information about energy usage

Do you understand how much energy you use?  Do you understand the effect of the energy you use?  You flip on a light switch, it seems so neat and clean, no sound, no fumes, no exhaust, etc.  Do you understand the difference in impact between a 100 watt incandescent lightbulb, a 40 watt compact fluorescent, or a 20 watt LED lightbulb?

The point of those questions is that it's hard to understand the impact of our actions.  In the old days when we burned candles or kerosene there was a direct impact from having light or heat.  Today the impact occurs in a far off location, at the electricity plant, at the mine the coal came from, etc.  Almost all knowledge about the impact of turning on a lightbulb is removed from the act of doing so.

Think Eco has a solution - the Modlet -


So, what's a modlet?  It's a gizmo you attach to power outlets that adds intelligence to the power outlet.  It's designed to fit directly over a normal 120 volt household power outlet (hence, those of you outside the U.S. cannot use this).  It has electronics and software on-board to let you monitor and control power usage.  The data/information is sent wirelessly to a USB dongle so your computer can read the data and let you control the power outlet.

Modlet power monitoring


Okay - great - cool - more information - let's niggle away at a few details.

Cost: $50 plus shipping.  It had better save a lot of electricity to be worth that money.  Especially because you'll be buying one per power outlet in your house.

As an add-on gizmo it means adding extra material and cost to your house.  I think this would be better to be built into power outlets rather than an add-on to power outlets.

I'd be concerned about the wattage the thing can handle.  Will it handle the full 15 amps 120 volts for a long period?  Will it handle 20 amps 120 volts that some power outlets are rated for?

Why can't you buy it through normal stores?  Why can you only buy it through the company?


ThinkEco Opens West Coast Office
ThinkEco Enterprise Solution Plugs Big Hole in Corporate Energy Waste

NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ThinkEco, Inc. (, a New York City-based company that develops cutting-edge hardware-software energy efficiency solutions, has opened a West Coast office. Since launching its modlet platform to businesses a year ago, ThinkEco has seen high demand for its solution amongst large enterprise clients. Today's West Coast expansion is intended to maximize benefit to large organizations by providing the modlet Enterprise Solution as a software as a service offering.

Increasingly, enterprise clients are concerned about rising utility expenses but they have little or no visibility into the consumption patterns at the plug level. With plug-loads now representing more than 30% of a commercial building's energy use, the ThinkEco Enterprise Solution provides micro-level data, analytics and control so that clients can continue to improve their energy-consumption strategies and optimize electronic asset ownership.

The Enterprise Solution is also a natural extension for managed services providers who can use it to supplement their building automation systems. It can also facilitate energy audit capabilities and help with certification processes, such as ISO, UL and USGBC LEED. The extensive tenant reach of these Managed Services Providers, combined with the flexibility of ThinkEco's Enterprise Solution, allows corporations and building owners alike to be more easily aligned in their business goals.

Heading up ThinkEco's West Coast office are John Schweizer and Daja Phillips, who each have deep expertise in the large enterprise space and have previously worked for Ricoh Company LTD. Schweizer has held leadership roles on the operating side at Global 500 companies and has diverse experience in Enterprise Sales. He will build out the sales organization to serve ThinkEco's markets. Phillips joins the team with an extensive background in start-up technology ventures for Global 500 companies. She will lead the development of strategies to maximize client and partner benefits among enterprise clients.

"John and Daja will be tremendous assets to ThinkEco," said Jun Shimada, President and CEO of ThinkEco. "With their leadership, the TE Enterprise Solution will continue to help companies, not just in saving money but in enabling better sustainability decision-making and performance optimization."

"Having recently led energy efficiency projects for a major electronics and office equipment maker, I am extremely enthusiastic about joining ThinkEco," said Schweizer. "I view ThinkEco as the front runner leading the evolution in practical and affordable plug load management and sub-metering. I look forward to helping enterprise clients incorporate this superior and sustainable technology into their operations."

ThinkEco's Enterprise Solution Sales and R&D professionals will partner with Value Added Resellers who populate the enterprise workspace. These collaborations will ultimately allow micro sub-metering of plug loads to manage costs, drive appropriate corporate policies and encourage desired employee behavior.

About ThinkEco, Inc.
Founded in 2008, ThinkEco, Inc., is a New York City-based company developing easy-to-use energy efficiency solutions for homes and businesses. Its flagship product, the modlet, is an intelligent outlet that provides a simple, low-cost and installation-free method for saving money and energy on electronic appliances. The modlet software is a web application that has been developed in a scalable client-server architecture. For more information, visit For the latest updates and news, follow the company on Twitter at @ThinkEco and on Facebook at

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