Friday, October 7, 2011

ecoNoon has LED solution to compact fluorescent light bulb controversy

Compact fluorescent light bulb's have mercury in them.  This has some people alarmed because mercury contamination is a global problem.  However CFL's save enough electricity to cause enough less coal to be burnt to reduce mercury emissions from coal fired electricity more than the mercury in the bulb.  This is true but a difficult enough equation to get your head around that perhaps it's better, in some peoples minds, to not have mercury in the bulbs in the first place.

As a 20+ year user of CFL's I'm irritated that some are fighting against adopting CFL's because of this.  But as someone excited over LED light bulbs I'm glad to see advances being made there.


Light Bulb Controversy: LEDs from ecoNoon Light the Way

New Startup Invented World's First LED Light Modules Without PCB

PENANG, Malaysia, Oct. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A new lighting technology and products from ecoNoon could provide the best LED lighting solutions to meet the world's growing need to save energy on lighting in commercial, industrial, residential and public spaces.

"Consumers who are looking to brighten up the dark days of searching for new products need to look no further than LED lighting solutions provided by ecoNoon. Energy used for lighting is an astronomical cost for businesses and consumers worldwide. If they can cut their energy bills by as much as 90 percent by using LED bulbs, they will do so in great numbers," said Ir Ooi Seoh Lin, Chief Marketing Officer of ecoNoon (

Nearly 20 percent of the world's energy resources go toward lighting products.

"The United States is already on a path to move away from incandescent light bulbs and move toward fluorescent bulbs. But smart consumers will want to embrace the next technology leap forward, which is LED lighting solutions which offer better lighting with lower costs and power demands," he said. "LEDs have proven to be a successful technology for computer displays, television monitors, billboards and other devices. This trend toward adoption of LEDs will only continue to get stronger. The demand for LED lighting solutions worldwide is strong."

Fluorescent and HID lights contain toxic elements, including mercury and sodium. Hence, governments are beginning to require that consumers and companies adopt alternative lighting sources. The first step has been to move from incandescent to fluorescent, but the real savings come with LEDs.

"Furthermore, LEDs are non-toxic and require low energy, both advantages over the other lighting technologies. Color rendering of LEDs is also excellent," he said.

"ecoNoon's products stand out as saving more energy than most other LED bulbs, provide better environmental stewardship and last longer than other lighting products," he said. Part of the company's business model is to retrofit existing luminaries or lighting fixtures with LED light bulbs or light modules.

The company's energy saving product pipeline is in full swing:

  • Globe Bulbs (GL series) are available now.
  • HID (High Intensity Discharge Lamp)/Sodium Replacement Bulbs (SB series) is undergoing certification and will be available in October.
  • Mini Spot Light Bulbs/Spot Light Bulbs (ML/SL series) will be ready in November.

Each bulb is guaranteed for at least 30K to 50K hours or five years, depending on wattages.

"What sets us apart from all other competitors is the fact that our patent-pending LED light modules have no Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in any of its finished products to power bulbs of all shapes and wattages up to 1,000 watts and higher. In fact, the lighting module's robust thermal solution can keep the temperature of the system well below 100 degrees C in any wattage. Most luminaries have a thermal management issue that does not show up until after a couple of months or years of operation, when the LED chips inside fail due to high operating temperatures. Hence, it's more costly to have ineffective light bulbs," he said.

In addition to providing commercial lighting and household lighting, the company can create LED lighting solutions for different industries and applications.

"We are strong in researching various applications and using our LED lamps to solve energy consumption problems for many different industries. We can customize bulbs to suit various applications and we can create a variety of colors. If there are any new applications, we can work together with the companies to come out with the best solutions. We prefer to work on unique applications that are truly innovative," he said.

"Our flagship product will be HID/Sodium Replacement Bulb which will retrofit all the street lighting without any fixtures required. The bulbs are lighter than existing bulbs and provide more power. They can also be used in factories and buildings and many places," he said.

"All human beings have a responsibility to reduce CO2 to stop global warming of our Mother Earth for the sake of future generations," he said.


ecoNoon was founded in June 2011 and is based in Penang, Malaysia.

ecoNoon is a true worldwide company. Research and development is conducted in Japan and the United States. Marketing is based in Malaysia. Components are made by several Japanese companies. Assembly is done in Penang.

The company has several patents pending.

To inquire about investment opportunities, go to

Contact:Ir Ooi Seoh LinChief Marketing Officermarketing@econoon.coMobile: +60 12 482 9263Office: +60 4 264 5928

SOURCE  ecoNoon
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