Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Organic Energy Corporation: What Is Resource Flow Control?

DALLAS, Sept. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- What is Resource Flow Control?  It's the ability of the city to mandate its garbage be brought to its landfill.  What is an exclusive franchise agreement?  It's the ability of a private company to mandate the garbage be brought to its landfill. Quite simply, there is absolutely no difference between Resource Flow Control and an exclusive franchise agreement between a City and a private NSWMA company. The NSWMA uses "flow control" with every exclusive franchise agreement it gets, so it can corner the market on the waste/resources.  They can use their landfill to price fix, intimidate small local haulers, and control the market.  If fact, the NSWMA has recommended "privatizing" the Dallas Sanitation Department's collection and disposal operations in the form of an exclusive franchise agreement. How ironic?

Dallas however, can use Resource Flow Control to stop recyclables, about 2,500 tons of them per day, from being needlessly buried to the financial and environmental detriment of the city.  This can happen with no increase in collection and disposal costs to the Dallas business community. Those 2,500 tons per day equal anywhere from $12.5 to $50 million annually for the City of Dallas, when separated and sold in the recyclables markets.  But why is Organic Energy Corporation, a private company, interested in promoting Resource Flow Control for the City of Dallas?

"There are approximately 5,000 tons per day of commercial waste, that is rich in valuable recyclable resources, being needlessly buried in private landfills," says Barney Gorey, Public Affairs VP for OEC.  "We agree with the CEO of the largest waste collection, disposal and recycling company in the world, who recently said that his company valued trash at up to $200 per ton."  He added, "We are the only company with patent pending separation technology who can recover these recyclables from the inbound municipal solid waste."  According to Gorey, this has everything to do with the NSWMA's threatening letter to the Mayor and the City.  "If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em" is their mantra."  The stakes for this game include huge financial gains by monetizing the waste stream while becoming one of the most environmentally sound cities in America according to OEC.  "We have the key to unlock the value in the waste stream and we want to equally share that money with the City.  Wouldn't it be a novel idea if discarded trash could be the catalyst for economic and environmental development and sustainability in South Dallas," he asked.   Does the NSWMA have any new business or environmental ideas for the city's waste?

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Organic Energy Corporation

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