Sunday, March 20, 2011

This world doesn't have to become an uninhabitable nuclear radiation poisoned wasteland

While writing my previous blog post on Natural Remedies For Your Thyroid and Kidneys due to the Japan nuclear emergency I had a moment of realization or awakening. Namely, the truth that I was writing about something I thought I would never have to write about: A real honest to goodness nuclear emergency, the likelihood of further nuclear emergencies, and how would we be dealing with them. The sad truth is that world leaders are going to treat this like a blip on the road of progress. They're going to say the sheep got scared because a few radioactive clouds escaped, they'll slow down nuclear reactor construction for awhile, but eventually we the people are expected to forget about this and they'll be able to go back to the game plan of building more nuclear reactors.

If that's the route our society takes then we can only expect more nuclear accidents to occur, and an ever-increasing level of radioactive poisoning of the environment. My reasoning is simple. These are human made machines and they break or the humans operating them make mistakes. Over time we can only expect more nuclear accidents.

Oh, yes, the powers-that-be are making a show of "we will learn from this" and apply the learnings so that the machines will be run more safely in the future. Do you really believe that? The history of deploying technological wizardry shows us this sort of assurance isn't always followed. Lessons are not always learned, even when learned people study failures with the intent to learn from them. Denial is rampant.

Some of the things technology has wrought are finicky, fragile, full of dangerous substances, prone to break spectacularly, etc. Yes some of the most dangerous things also bring the most positive benefits, but do the benefits negate the risk?

I started this with the suggestion that our world doesn't have to end up as a poisoned wasteland. I am sad that our people seem dedicated to a path which will convert our beautiful planet into a poisoned wasteland, especially since I feel deep inside me that there is another way.

Other choices can be made.

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