Sunday, November 28, 2010

VIDEO: How to install Advanced Energy Green Window Panels

Video on how to install green energy efficient window panels from Advanced Energy Panels. Located in Albany NY, Advanced Energy Panels use lightweight aluminum and plastic to insulate your windows for the cold months. Advanced Energy Panels is your alternative to pricey replacement windows. ...

We provide better window insulation for your old, drafty windows, and storm windows. Even if you have replacement windows, your windows may not be very well insulated! Learn more about how our window insulation panels (what we call Advanced Energy Panels) can help your building improve its energy efficiency. With our patented window insulation system, we've helped people insulate their homes and buildings all over the United States.

Advanced Energy Panels are not storm windows, nor are they replacement windows. Rather, they are window insulation - a window insulation panel made to insulate those drafty windows that you have now.

If you have storm windows or drafty windows, you need a better solution for window insulation - you need Advanced Energy Panels!

For more on this see: Do window insulation films reduce heat loss in winter?

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