Sunday, May 24, 2009

"The True Cost of Chevron"

I think most people aren't aware of the full cost of filling the tank on their car. Do they ponder the environmental disasters which go along with drilling for, transporting, refining and using oil? Fossil oil is full of nasty poisonous chemicals and the whole process from well to wheel involves releasing those nasty poisonous chemicals into the environment. Some are released at the well, some during transport, some during refining, and some during use. It's poisoning us all. But there are some places which are more poisoned than others. is an awareness building website which focuses on one oil company, Chevron. I don't know why they're so focused on Chevron when all the oil companies are in the same boat as Chevron.

One thing they did (that I like a lot) is to parody the recent advertisements from Chevron. To me those advertisements so deserved parody, and they have done so with great effect.

As of this writing the site is a shell of what will be there on May 26. It seems there is a Chevron shareholder meeting on May 27, and that they (well, Antonia Juhasz) have prepared a report timed to coincide with the shareholder meeting. The report appears to be examining and debunking Chevron's corporate annual report.

Antonia Juhasz is an oil industry analyst whose work is more to exposing the problems created by the oil industry. She is listed as the author of the report, so I expect the report to be a doozy.


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