Friday, April 24, 2009

Algae Fuels the Future


This video discusses our mission to decrease our dependence on fossil fuel and create a path to sustainable, renewable and carbon-neutral energy independence, with processes that are good for the environment. Algae oil does not suffer from the sort of social and environmental issues that have been discussed in other biofuel industries. Algae biodiesel does not compete with the food business. It is "grown" without the use of farmland and we recycle 98% of the water we use. Each year the United States and European Union consume over 100 billion gallons of diesel fuel. There simply is not enough available land to grow the volume of oil seed crops required for biodiesel to meet this demand. Algae harvesting can produce more than 200 times as much oil per acre than traditional biofuel crops. Algae requires a small fraction of the land required of traditional biofuel crops and can be harvested every 24 hours, unlike other biofuel crops that can only be harvested once a year. Algae does not require arable land or potable water and algae strains are not only a great natural oil source, but also capable of being used to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and contaminants from waste water. Our mission is to create the opportunity to produce a cost effective alternative to traditional oil supplies.



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