Sunday, November 16, 2008

One block off the grid - solar power in the urban environment

"1 Block Off the Grid is a nationwide community-based purchasing program for residential Solar energy. We drive large savings by aggregating groups of residents and negotiating discount pricing with installers and manufacturers." They aim to bring the U.S. to the forefront of using and deploying solar energy technology. They aim to remove 'cost' as a hurdle by using group purchasing power.

The program is open to all residents that: a) Own their home or investment property (if you’re a renter click here); b) Are listed on their electrical utilities bill; c) Are willing to make energy conservation changes such as installing compact fluorescent lights, running the dishwasher at night, etc.

Solar on Renters and Landlords - How It Works: "Why can’t the landlord recoup his or her investment in solar energy from then tenant who is typically paying for the electricity? Why can’t you work something into the lease so that the tenant gets stabilized, clean energy instead of dirty grid power for the same price or even cheaper, and the landlord gets a bump in rent to pay for his or her system that they just bought."

The program is open to people who wish to be field organizers.

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