Friday, October 31, 2008

Review: Petroapocalypse Now

"We have to leave oil before oil leaves us." 'Petroapocalypse Now' is a story about cheap oil and the biggest party humanity has ever known.

We have built our world around the car & the airplane. Has enabled 'us' to colonize the entire planet. These cars and planes etc would be useless lumps of metal w/o oil. Cheap oil has put the burden of work onto machines and broke barriers of space and time.

It's not that we're running out, it's that the rate at which we extract oil will begin to decline. Doesn't matter what money resources etc we throw at the problem, it is inevitable we'll see a decline in oil availability.

Officialdom dismisses the peak oil theory. Such as OPEC. "The world has more than 140 years of supply".

Widely used data source is BP's annual review. Over 1 trillion barrels reserves. Recently there are huge doubts. In some parts of the world the estimates are thought accurate, in other countries the estimates are highly suspect. Such as Saudi Arabia. The fudged estimates could have to do with quotas etc and perhaps their claims are inflated.

That is the tone of this documentary. That we have an impending crisis, the huge party humanity has enjoyed that's been fueled by cheap oil, that party is about to end. Soon. It is time for everyone to wake up and realize what's about to happen and to plan accordingly.

Thirty years ago Pres. Carter warned of this, before him M. Hubbert King warned of this, and it doesn't take rocket science to realize this problem was going to happen one day or another.

It is not that we are running out of oil. The problem is the speed at which oil can be produced is slowing and some say that soon oil
production will soon peak and then decline. If this is true it could mean even higher oil prices and serious problems for the world economy.

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