Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saving gas: A trend on two wheels

Are you among those cringing at the high cost of gasoline? There are many motorcycles which have high fuel efficiency.

“We've been sold out of small and medium-sized motorcycles” for weeks, said Don Ehlerding, president and general manager of MotorSports Inc.... “Sales are way up in the highest fuel-efficiency models,” ... People who've never ridden motorcycles before are investigating them as an alternative to cars. Ehlerding said interest is particularly strong from wives of motorcyclists and “40-somethings” who may have ridden in their teens or 20s and are now considering a return to motorcycles. Sure, it's fun, but the prospect of saving hundreds of dollars in gas every year can make the prices of small motorcycles, even new ones, palatable.

I have a Honda Rebel 250, as do one of the people quoted in the article. This motorcycle gets around 75 miles/gallon .. but the article quotes a dealer characterizing this bike also impose limitations. Its light weight - barely more than 300 pounds - makes it harder to control in a strong wind, he said. Even as it attains 70 miles/hr speed this light weight makes it unsuitable for highway riding. A heavier bike might give a more comforable ride.

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