Sunday, July 13, 2008

Open Road: Fuel savings entices some to try motorcycles

"Since gas went over $3.50 ... a lot of people are looking for 50 cc scooters,...Pretty much everyone these days wants to use them for daily driving." Motorcycle and scooter dealers - and riders - across the Rio Grande Valley say more and more shoppers are looking for fuel-efficient bikes to get them to work.

I know from my experience this is true. one day while at the gas station filling my Honda Rebel 250, this guy with a big truck drives up. He looked at me and asked how little it took me to fill up the tank on my motorcycle. Well, 8 dollars, and he goes on to complain that it takes $150 to fill his truck etc... I didn't mention to him my other motorcycle is electric and ends up costing even less to ride for my daily commute...

So, yeah, get scooters or motorcycles to save cost. Please, do.

The article suggests a fuel efficient motorcycle can pay for itself pretty quickly. Here's the way it works:-

Take a "car" which gets 15 miles/gallon versus a Ninja 250cc which gets 67.5 miles/gallon. You can go 4 1/2 times further per gallon of gas with the motorcycle than the car, or cover the same distance with 22.222% of the cost. Per mile you ride such a motorcycle versus the "steel cage" (car) you're saving 77% of the fuel cost, and for some commutes that fuel cost savings could add up to the $3700 purchase price of the motorcycle.

e.g. 10,000 miles takes 666.666 gallons in a 15 mile/gallon vehicle (no kidding) and at $4 per gallon costs $2666.666 per year for fuel.

10,000 miles takes 148.148148 gallons in a 67.5 mile/gallon vehicle and at $4 per gallon costs $592.295295 per year for fuel.

If you ride 10,000 miles per year you'd save $2074.06 per year in fuel costs riding the motorcycle over driving the car.

There is a national organization, Ride To Work, which is promoting the use of motorcycles for commutes because of the fuel/cost savings. While driving the highways it's apparent that most cars are driven by solo drivers, and it makes a lot of sense to encourage solo-driver-vehicles a.k.a. Motorcycles as an acknowledgment of this factoid of modern life.

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