Monday, July 21, 2008

Motorcycles are green machines

Motorcycles are green machines: Motorcycles are fuel-efficient, pollute less, create less wear on our infrastructure, they alleviate traffic jams, and require less space for parking. This litany of win-win-win makes it astonishing why there aren't more motorcycles on the road.

Governments could establish congestion charges -- to which motorcycles are exempt. Two-wheelers of all kind alleviate congestion. Shopping centers and other places could be required to have motorcycle parking areas in parking lots. Motorcycles use less parking space in the first place.

And, by the way, everything just said about motorcycles applies doubly so to bicycles.

As gas prices rise, increasing numbers of Wacoans taking to the streets on motorcycles and scooters This article is from Waco Texas, and describes a growing trend of riding motorcycles and scooters for daily driving. Waco, west Texas, where people famously prefer their pickup trucks, is adopting motorcycles and scooters in a large scale.

Further it's not people buying a motorcycle for 'recreation' but for commutes.

Scooter sales have been the briskest, with the shop selling about 40 to 50 during that period. Before gas prices started creeping up, it sold only about 10 per year, he said....In the past, customers were sometimes reluctant to buy scooters because of the geek factor, Barger said. But as soon as gas prices spiked, vanity hasn’t been as big a concern, he said....His most popular scooter model sells for $2,399, Barger said. It gets 100 mpg and can go 55 mph. Many customers have told him they can justify the upfront cost because of the fuel savings they expect to get from zipping around town on the scooter rather than a in gas-guzzling vehicle.

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