Sunday, July 13, 2008

Electric Scooter Offers Way To Beat The Gas Pump Blues

The Cape Cod Chronicle had an inside track to getting a Vectrix Motorcycle to ride and review. One of their employees was married to the senior product manager for Vectrix. Anyway, they got an opportunity to ride one around for quite awhile.

"A person riding a Vectrix scooter is a novelty. Motorcycle enthusiasts—and there are more out there than you might imagine—are the most curious...." I've experienced this with my own electric motorcycle (not a Vectrix). Regularly people pull up next to me in traffic, do a double take of my motorcycle, roll down the window, and start asking questions like... "How fast can it go? How far can it go on a charge? How long does it take to charge the batteries? How much does it cost? ..." Yup, I get those questions too.

The article goes into the cost savings: Here on Cape Cod, residential electric rates are closer to 12.5 cents, so the real cost per mile is a fraction of a cent higher than their advertised cost of a penny per mile. By comparison, a fuel-efficient gas-powered scooter might get 47 mpg, yielding a cost per mile of around 9.3 cents—a number that will go up with gas prices. In case you’re curious, the cost per mile for a fuel-efficient 29 mpg compact car is about 15 cents. Those numbers are based on gasoline sold at $4.39 a gallon, and don’t take into account the maintenance costs of any of the vehicles.

The author of the article was also a newbie to motorcycling and lists several new experiences and things you have to be aware of: Weather forecasts, Insects, Solar glare, Potholes, Water sprayed on the pavement, Loose dogs, Coffee (no cup holders)

They seem to like it but this is really just an introductory article.

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