Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pedal Powered Water Distillery


This is our entry to Specialized and Google's "Innovate or Die" competition. It is a bicycle-powered water distillery. Using friction heat from a bicycle "fluid trainer", contaminated or unsafe water is boiled, and the vapor is condensed, making it fit to drink.

Currently the design relies on "pedal power", but it could be easily coupled with solar power, wind power, or a paddle-wheel in running water to produce clean water on a larger scale.

The design has two boiling chambers as shown, one at atmospheric pressure and one under a vacuum to boil water at a lower temperature. The optional vacuum is created by the use a hand pump before riding the device to increase efficiency. The steam coming out of the first chamber heats the second chamber as it condenses.

Any existing bicycle can be used and quickly mounted to the device.

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