Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pedal powered cargo vehicles, generators, etc

Bicycles don't have to be limited to entertainment. With the right bicycle you can do serious work, you can carry cargo, etc. I've found a few impressive options.

For example.. at http://www.bikecaffe.com they are offering a three wheeled bicycle, and in the front is a station holding coffee making machinery and a canopy. You could go into business as a mobile coffee seller.

http://www.lapetitereine.com/ sells a bicycle with a large cargo container and it looks like a pedal powered delivery truck (above).

Both these look pretty cool however the equipment is pretty sizable and may weigh a lot. I think it would be very helpful for these to be electrified. For example the coffee making kiosk could be electrically powered and the same battery pack could also drive the bicycle. If I were driving that pedal powered delivery truck, I'd certainly appreciate some power assist.

It's also quite possible to have a trailer you attach as needed. It's a normal bicycle until you need to go grocery shopping or something, and then you hook up the trailer and go. I've been doing this exactly for several years now.

It's been a little difficult to find a useful trailer for a bicycle. Mine was meant for carrying children however it is quite feasible for carrying 'stuff'. I've used it to carry laundry to the laundromat, buy stuff at stores, go grocery shopping, etc. It works well enough, however I've recently found several interesting trailers available. See http://www.7gen.com/website-categories/bicycle-cargo-trailer for a whole list of them.

http://www.burley.com/ offers a range of trailers some of which are meant for long distance trips.

http://blueskycyclecarts.com/ offers a trailer which folds flat.

http://bikecart.pedalpeople.com/ has a set of "open source" trailer designs you can download for free and build yourself.

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