Monday, November 26, 2007



PowerGenix is developing and manufacturing patented, nickel-zinc (NiZn) rechargeable batteries that are substantially smaller, lighter and more powerful than other rechargeable batteries on the market today. Our rechargeable Ni-Zn batteries are green and completely safe. Ni-Zn batteries contain no toxic materials, are easily recyclable and are non-combustible.

NiZn batteries lend themselves to numerous applications requiring a light-weight, rechargeable, high-discharge rate battery. Applications for our batteries that we are pursuing include power tools, hybrid electric vehicles, personal mobility devices such as scooters and wheel chairs, military and medical device applications, as well as consumer AA/AAA batteries.

This isn't the first company to develop NiZN batteries. The NiZN chemistry tends to have similar power density to NiMH or NiCD but the chemistry is environmentally safe. As they say: "Relatively abundant and readily recyclable, both Nickel and Zinc offer appealing characteristics for a variety of industrial uses. Independently, both have been used in a number of battery technologies over the years."

The prior company, Evercel, died a horrible death. Hopefully this company will do better.



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