Sunday, November 18, 2007

Biofuel roundup

'Real' alternative fuels must be pushed quickly: "ISSUE: Higher gasoline prices OUR VIEW: Americans ready for alternative to simply driving less With gas prices heading for $4 a gallon, will consumers make changes in their habits or bite the bullet and pay more and more? Opinion Research Corp. survey results suggest there are changes: Nearly six in 10 people claim their driving behavior has changed because of rising gas prices."

U.S. energy official: Sino-U.S. biofuel agreement in the works: "China and the United States are drafting a biofuel agreement that will likely be signed in December, a visiting U.S. senior energy official said here on Friday. It will focus on sharing knowledge and technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. "We have not concluded a biofuel agreement yet ... we have a biofuel agreement draft circulating between the United States and China and we expect progress in the coming weeks," said Alexander Karsner, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. "

Beijing promotes "clean energy" in heating season to improve air quality: "A total of 1,105 small coal-fired boilers had been converted to natural gas by Thursday, when Beijing started its annual heating season, marking the completion of a nine-year campaign in China's capital to have all 14mw boilers use clean energy. "Starting from 1998, we have earmarked 2.5 billion yuan (about 328.95 million U.S. dollars) and upgraded about 16,000 14mw boilers," said Du Shaozhong, deputy head of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection. "

Geismar site for new Tyson biodiesel plant: "The new biodiesel plant in Louisiana backed by Tyson Foods will be built in Geismar, where a package of state and Ascension Parish-tax incentives were lowered to beat a competing offer in Texas for the $126 million project.... Dynamic Fuels, a joint-venture between Tyson and Oklahoma-based Syntroleum Corp., chose Lion Copolymer's Geismer plant for its access to rail and barge transportation. But the most important attraction was a hydrogen line connected to the property. "They have a unique method of processing (bio-diesel) that uses hydrogen," said Kelsey Short, director of agriculture, forestry and food industries for Louisiana Economic Development."

Tyson to build $126M biofuels plant: "Tyson Foods is expected to announce today that it will build a $126 million biodiesel plant in Louisiana, producing fuel from chicken fat. The meat processing company is expanding its presence in the state to include the biodiesel operation, said Don Pierson, assistant secretary of Louisiana Economic Development, but Tyson wouldn't allow him to announce the site for the plant yet. "It's a good news story," Pierson said. "I can confirm that it is a Louisiana project but Tyson asked me to hold off on the specific location. I can release it (Wednesday)." "

Biodiesel crisis deepens: "Australia's largest biodiesel plant says it can no longer afford to produce the alternative fuel. Natural Fuels Limited, which has a $90 million dollar facility in Darwin, says the price of the main ingredient, palm oil, has doubled in the past 18 months. "

No more German biodiesel plants likely to be built: "A new round of tax increases planned on German biofuels means no more biodiesel plants are likely to be built in the country, the chairman of German oilseeds industry association UFOP said on Tuesday. Many biodiesel producers are likely to find themselves in "severe financial trouble" if Germany's government goes ahead with plans to further increase biofuels taxes on January 1, UFOP chairman Klaus Kliem said. At a time when the European Union wants to increase biofuel use to stop global warming, Germany in late 2006 started taxing biodiesel as the government said it could not afford to lose the large tax revenue from fossil diesel. A second round of tax increases on biodiesel is on the statute book and scheduled to be imposed in January 2008. The government so far has refused calls to reconsider this."

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