Saturday, September 1, 2007

"I blew up my 2008 F350 on biodiesel"

A biodiesel user who is part of the San Francisco Biofuels group recently blew up his truck, a brand-new Ford F350.

...To my understanding, biodiesel has a higher flash point and I can't understand how one blows up an engine on a vegetable-based fuel. test fuel and eventually even legal documentation that Ford could not extend their warranty to cover third parties, and thus not honor (the now 20k) in warranty work.... Skip several interesting exchanges later, Ford scrambled and is now covering everything-and has even offered to take the truck back and sell me a new one (mine had only 200 miles on it). Next, I found out that Ford just offered a massive recall for injector problems that create a hydrolock that produces white smoke and can cause a massive bang-exactly what happened to me....

...If you're interested to know more, the truck owner in question has been reading the comments and posted himself (see #24).

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