Friday, August 31, 2007

Biodiesel Association of Australia and Renewable Fuels Australia


Providing Leadership as the peak industry group facilitating the building of a sustainable, credible and economically viable Australian biodiesel industry, in harmony with quality, community and environmental standards
Australia is a lucky country. It has many resources that make us independent from and competitive with the rest of the world. A paradox when you think that we are more than 50% reliant on international supply of fuels for all major industry - with a sharp decline in our self sufficiency over the next 10 years to less than 20%!

Biodiesel is a complete replacement for petroleum based Diesel. It has improved emissions and better lubricating properties than all other alternatives. In fact, France (the world's largest producer and user of biodiesel) mandates 5% of biodiesel in every litre of ultra low sulphur diesel sold.

Australia has come to the point where it is willing and economically viable to start producing and using renewable fuels. Biodiesel, which runs in diesel motors without conversion and can be distributed throughout the current fuel transport and delivery industry, has a huge potential.


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