Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Biodiesel 2020: A Global Market Survey


A study designed to help financiers, producers, developers, distributors, consultants and analysts with a fact-filled market guide detailing medium and long-term trends and developments in the Biodiesel sector. This study focuses on market fundamentals, emerging market trends, long-term forecasts and scenarios, and case studies of existing and up and coming biodiesel producers and distributors.

"The global market for biodiesel is poised for explosive growth in the next ten years. Although Europe currently represents 90% of global biodiesel consumption and production, the U.S. is now ramping up production at a faster rate than Europe, and Brazil is expected to surpass U.S. and European biodiesel production by the year 2015," says William Thurmond, Author of Biodiesel 2020 and Director of Management Consulting at Emerging Markets Online.


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