Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The next chain outlet concept: Energy experts

The article discusses two businesses, Conergy and Standard Renewable Energy who are offering expertise to help businesses and homeowners through the confusing terrain of alternative or renewable energy technologies. Rather than a business or homeowner becoming an expert in the technology, they would rely on a company who's developed that expertise to do the work. I suppose this is like calling the plumber when you have a leaking pipe or want to replace the hot water heater, but in this case you call the solar power system technologist.

e.g: Standard Renewable, through a division called NewPoint Energy Solutions, sends a representative into a commercial building or home, conducts an audit, and then compiles a list of recommendations--put in new insulation; install a new water heater; and so on--for cutting energy bills. The audit is free, but the company then bids on the contract. Some of the products to be installed are made by third parties and resold by Standard, but other products come from Standard itself.

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