Sunday, July 29, 2007

Daily Tip: Water Your Lawn Smarter

Water use and availability is a big problem society must face. There are intelligent ways to use water where we can achieve the same results while using less. If we focus just on the lawns surrounding our houses, here's a few bits of advice:

Watch the weather. Mother nature having just rained, you don't need to water the lawn.

Water in the early morning or evening. If you water in the middle of the day, much of the water evaporates before soaking into the ground. By watering in the evening it has a chance to soak deeply.

Don't mow as often. Longer grass provides shade that makes it less necessary to water the lawn.

Don't forget about the sprinkler. Apparently it's possible to water too much at one time.

Go native. Green lawns came from southern England where it rains all the time. They aren't the best choice of plants for every climate. It is probably better to have plants which match your local climate. But doing so goes against the cultural norms we grew up with.

Learn to love brown. Grass goes brown when it's dry, and it goes green when it's wet. It's very simple and natural for grass to be brown. So don't worry about the brown grass during dry periods, it's natural.

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