Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Biopact


The Biopact is a Brussels-based connective of European and African citizens who strive towards the establishment of a mutually beneficial 'energy relationship' based on biofuels and bioenergy (see our goals). For the time being, Biopact is an entirely volunteer effort, but the young organisation is working towards formalisation under a non-profit structure because of growing interest in its activities and its vision.

The group's main activities currently consist of building a web presence, delivering basic consulting services to the media and to bioenergy projects in the South, and of networking with other organisations.

Biopact unites specialists in several disciplines related to bioenergy seen in the broader context of development and trade: an economic anthropologist, a bio-engineer, a professor in chemistry, a tropical agronomist, a sociologist with expertise on Central-Africa, and a development economist.


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