Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Getting the price right for solar

The photovoltaic panel industry is looking to decrease the price of the products. So long as their price is uncompetitive related to the entrenched technologies solar power will remain a niche business. If solar power is to fulfill its destiny in helping us clean our environment and have a clean earth, the price must become competitive.

"We have to cut the cost in half of where we are today, and we can do that with a lot of the technologies and solutions available to us today," said Charlie Gay, vice president and general manager of Applied Material's solar business group, while speaking at Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Energy 2.0 conference last month.

...Many solar manufacturers make their products out of silicon and use machines similar to those used in the chip industry, but solar panel makers won't be benefiting from Moore's Law, a phenomenon in the chip industry where power increases as cost go down.

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