Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Silverado Green Fuel


Silverado Green Fuel Inc., is working on the development of an environmentally friendly oil substitute produced from low-rank coal (LRC). Silverado’s Low-Rank Coal-Water Fuel (LRCWF) or Green Fuel is not a new fuel, but a new fuel form. Green Fuel is a stable liquid fuel which provides a non-hazardous, low cost alternative to petroleum derived fuels that can use existing oil infrastructure for handling, storage and transportation.

The process creates derivative fuels from subbituminous, lignitic, and brown coals, which are characterized by high moisture levels and a low carbon to hydrogen ratio. The derivative fuel is liquid allowing it to be handled by the existing infrastructure used for liquid fuels derived from fossil oil, and it can be converted by any one of a number of commercial Fischer Tropsch processes to yield a myriad of clean fuels and petrochemicals.

They are a subsidiary of the Silvarado gold mining empire,


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