Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bajaj Scooters, 120 miles/gallon?

Bajaj Scooters are made in India, and are driven with a 4-cycle 150cc engine. The importer claims a maximum speed of 50 miles/hr so this scooter would not be such a good fit for American highways. But that speed allows one to drive on expressways pretty readily, and technically one is allowed on the highways with a 50 miles/hr vehicle.

The importer cannot give a precise miles/gallon figure. Largely it varies widely based on driving habits. However they claim efficiencies starting at 70 miles/gallon upwards to 120 miles/gallon or thereabouts.

bajajscooter @ Yahoo Groups is a place to go for email discussion of these vehicles.

The also import three-wheelers to the U.S. Three-wheelers are ubiquitous in India. Most often they operate as taxi's, but they come as vans and trucks as well. I have never seen one driving an American road, but they can be imported and driven here.


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