Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Nazi past of the Bush Family

A few weeks ago Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld and that ilk were making speeches claiming that those who are demanding we withdraw from Iraq are the same as the appeasers who allowed Hitler to rise to power and cause World War II. Supposedly Hussein and Iraq presented as grave a threat as Hitler. Hmm... I doubt that, since Iraq had been bottled up so tightly by the U.S. forces following the first Gulf War. But even more interesting with that analogy is the background of the Bush family with Hitler and his rise to power.

See, in the mid-1930's Prescott Bush, G.W. Bush's grandfather, was up to his eyeballs with funneling money to the Nazi regime in Germany. He, at the behest of his employers, was actively funding Hitlers rise to power.

The information is widely known among those who know. This video gives a nice summary .. as does this article: The Best Enemies Money Can Buy ... and Dave Emory, politics conspiracy theorist has researched this story in depth.

The capsule summary is: Prescott Bush came from a family of social climbers who had little ancestral wealth or power. But he had the good fortune to marry the daughter of George Herbert Walker, a Wall Street tycoon. GHW is the grandfather of George Herbert Walker Bush, and the great grand father of George Walker Bush, and I've always found the pattern of those names very interesting. George Herbert Walker was closely associated with the Harrimans, and together they set up some front companies whose purpose was funneling money to Hitler. Prescott Bush was hired by these Wall Street tycoons to run those companies.