Saturday, August 12, 2006

What about keeping warm in the winter?

It's midsummer and it's hot out. I've had a few articles recently about keeping cool in the summer without spending a lot of energy, e.g. without running an air conditioner. But, what about keeping warm in the winter?

Winter? Isn't that months away? Well, yeah, but the same principle holds true as I've been discussing about keeping cool without air conditioners. Our ancestors didn't have central heating nor central air conditioning. Our ancestors did not have fossil fuels easily available. Our ancestors didn't have the over abundance of energy that we enjoy today. How did they survive? How did they make it through cold winters and hot summers? That's worth studying and seeing what can be applied today.

The Furnace-free House in Vermont is a three-way conversation between Donella (Dana) Meadows (the client), Marc Rosenbaum, PE (the ecological design/energy consultant), and Amory Lovins (world famous energy expert). It began when Amory told Donella that it was possible to build a passive solar home in the Vermont climate which required no heating system or back-up heat. They discussed it, and the discussion is presented on that page.


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