Saturday, August 12, 2006



Windsave Ltd. was formed in January 2002 to develop a Commercial and Domestic small wind turbine generator system using low wind speeds to create electricity while avoiding the use of batteries. The Windsave system is wall mounted and incorporates our unique Plug'n'Save™ inverter that delivers the electricity synchronised to the grid supply into the property on the consumer side of the meter, reducing consumption and cost of electricity from the Grid.

The Windsave® product has been created to provide an environmentally-friendly, low-cost source of sustainable energy and providing an opportunity for every property in Britain to play a part in "the Green Revolution". Many people have the desire to protect the environment, but our challenge has been to turn that desire into action. By developing micro-wind generation technology, our towns, cities and rural communities now have the potential to become important contributors to the country's overall energy requirements, rather than just mere consumers.


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