Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society

  • Scientific, social & economic development through the environmentally sound utilisation of solar energy and other renewable energies.
  • Investigation into the operation and development of solar energy applications and other potential renewable energy applications.
  • The development of viable renewable energy industries in Australa and New Zealand.
  • The generation and dissemination of information on current and future renewable energy developments to members and potential members.
  • Influence on government policies which may impact upon the present and future development of renewable energy applications.

The Solar Energy Society emanated from a philosophical as well as educated opinion that the future was dependent on the use of clean forms of energy, such as solar energy and other renewable energy sources. ANZSES came out of a research, philosophical base that is still at its core function today. It evolved as a network of researchers and educators reaching out to the public and industry to adopt new and renewable technologies and systems. From the beginning it included related industry groups and individual companies as a forum for the sharing of information and innovative ideas.


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