Thursday, August 10, 2006

Grid Point


GridPoint ™ builds intelligent energy management (IEM) appliances to improve power reliability and enable power management for traditional and renewable energy users. GridPoint products automatically execute intelligent decisions to provide instant protection from power outages and manage energy efficiency for the home and business.

Unlike any other residential and light commercial energy technology, GridPoint appliances leverage advanced software to communicate with GridPoint’s network operations center. This unique capability enables the appliance to make intelligent decisions based on current data such as weather forecasts and time of use pricing. It also supports GridPoint’s online energy management portal, GridPoint CentralSM, to provide customers with information including traditional and renewable energy consumption, hours of backup power available, periods of peak usage and more.

GridPoint IEM products serve as an intelligent hub between the customer, the electric power grid and a renewable energy source. GridPoint meets the individual needs of customers and utilities, while providing an innovative platform to enhance the relationship between them. A large number of GridPoint products located in a utility’s service area allows the utility to draw upon power stored in GridPoint appliances, reducing peak demand costs, enhancing the reliability of the electric grid, and contributing to the emerging Smart Grid. Utilities can also offer cost savings through rebate and discounting programs.

GridPoint “plug-and-play” appliances seamlessly combine power electronics, high-capacity battery storage, and an advanced computer powered by an Intel ® Pentium®-based computer. The single cabinet design allows for easy installation, and the appliance’s network monitoring capabilities ensure maximum efficiency and early detection of maintenance needs. GridPoint products are sold through a network of premium home builders, utilities, retail chains and government entities as well as installers and contractors of electrical, home automation, security and renewable energy systems.


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