Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New biodiesel plant in Tennessee

Memphis Biofuels LLC Starts Construction of Large Biodiesel Plant: The article doesn't list the size of the plant, however they claim their ambition is to be the largest producer in the South. Their location in the middle of the agricultural belt and on major rail and river shipping lanes gives them strategic importance, they say.

The plant is the result of investment by C&C Biofuels LLC, an affiliate of New York private equity firm Cohen & Company, LLC.

LLC is short for Limited Liability Company, in case you haven't seen that acronym before. The LLC structure provides for the same shielding that C Corporations enjoy, while having to pay no taxes because they immediately pass all profits directly to the owners of the LLC.

Biodiesel company starts construction on West Tennessee plant The local TV news station says the initial production capacity will be 36 million gallons with total capacity of 100 million gallons, per year.


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