Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Convert your car to run on Ethanol

The typical gasoline car can almost, but not quite, run on ethanol. Some newer cars are what they call flex-fuel, meaning they can burn gasoline or ethanol. But if you look at your owners manual, like I have, you'll probably read that you can only burn qualified fuels made from fossil oil.

However ...

Convert Your Car To Run On Ethanol With New Kit Discusses a new kit that allows one to convert a gasoline car to run either gasoline or ethanol. Their web site,, is very comprehensive and should answer any question you have.

This reminds me of a goofy book I bought in the 1980's. Making Moonshine Fuel is by Ozzie McCoy, a Kentuckian who is from one of the families involved in the Hatfield and McCoy feud.

Ozzie is apparently a moonshine producer who wrote this book to help people know how to make their own alchohol fuel. This book is a hoot with copious information on making and distilling high proof alchohol. The best part is when he says what kind of tubing to use to make sure the federal marshals do not get on your case, because using certain tubing makes the resulting alchohol poisinous while using certain other tubing makes the alchohol very drinkable. It is the drinkable alchohol the federal marshals will get you over, while the other kind is quite acceptable.

It sounded to me like he had some experience with this.

In any case, back to the ethanol conversion kit. I had one day gone looking for instructions to convert a car to ethanol use, and it looked rather difficult. In this case the instructions make it sound as if FlexTek has simplified the whole thing down to plugging a box into your car, and routing a switch to the dashboard of your car. And if that's too much for you, they have a network of installers available to do the job for you.

Hmm... sounds enticing.


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