Friday, January 6, 2006

Sioux City Journal: Biodiesel plant to be built in Keokuk

Biodiesel plant to be built in Keokuk: Keokuk Iowa, that is. The plant will crush soybeans to get the oil, and that the total investment to build the plant is $65 million.

Lowell Junkins, executive director of the Lee County Economic Development Group, said construction on the first phase of the project -- a five million gallon biodiesel plant in a temporary location -- is expected to begin Sunday and be in operation by August.

Construction on phase two -- a plant that will purchase, process and crush soybeans to make soybean oil and soybean meal -- is expected to begin in January 2007. Phase three construction, a 30-million gallon biodiesel manufacturing plant, scheduled to start in March 2007, Junkins said.

The fourth phase will include the conversion of the original building in phase one to process animal fats, restaurant grease and other products that will be made into biodiesel to replace petroleum lubricants.


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