Thursday, January 26, 2006

Green Car Congress: Joint Venture for Animalwaste Sludge to Biodiesel

Joint Venture for Animalwaste Sludge to Biodiesel: Concerns a project to take animal "waste" and turn it into fuel.

Here's the context: "The USDA requires facilities that process the 100 million pigs, 35 million cattle, 1.6 billion turkeys, and 8 billion chickens slaughtered each year to use large volumes of clean water to continuously rinse the meats as they are cut and packaged." The formerly clean water is separated from the "protein" and other animal material, that leaves a "concentrated sludge, which is called Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) sludge. The poultry industry alone generates in excess of 2.5 billion pounds—more than 63,000 tanker loads—per year of DAF sludge."

The technosanity question would be what to do with that sludge? It's interesting to wonder what was formerly done with it. Was it just dumped into the wastewater system? Was it turned into any other product such as fertilizer or animal food?

The article discusses a proposed use for this sludge, being developed by Veridium Corporation and Mean Green BioFuels.


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