Saturday, December 3, 2005

Energy Hog is a flash-based web site geared to children, and offers a game environment in which one can learn about "Energy Hog's" in the typical household. The Energy Hog's are the basic innefficiencies people have around the house ...

For example, if you have a television or other electronic gadget with an instant-on feature, it is probably constantly pulling current. For a television to be instant-on the CRT tube has to be kept warmed up and ready to go, and this requires constant power. That along with all the other trickles of current around the house adds up to a significant amount of electricity.

The typical house window is a single pane of glass, which doesn't make for much insulating power. In the winter or summer the window can either be a source of cold or a source of heat, but if it's double paned then it's a better insulator.

Chimneys can provide you with a place to put a fire and create warmth in your house. But at the same time if the flue is open (and you don't have a fire burning) it can let cold air into the house. Alternatively, during the summer a chimney can let the air conditioned air escape.

Refidgerators and other major can be energy innefficient, or energy efficient. Pay close attention to the labeling when you buy them.

Keeping the house cooled or heated during the day when nobody is at home wastes energy. Why not leave the thermostat adjusted so the heating/cooling is off until you get home?


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