Saturday, October 15, 2005

Kits for making your own biodiesel

Frybrid: Frybrid manufacturers the worlds most sophisticated vegetable oil conversion system for diesel engines. Each and every component of our systems is designed to exceed its system requirements and each exceeds the functionality of our competitor's components. The Frybrid system uses 4 individual heat-exchanging components and is controlled by a microprocessor insuring that vegetable oil below the required temperature is never injected into the vehicles engine. Our system is in fact so revolutionary that we have applied for three patents on various components.

Greasecar: vegetable Fuel Systems allow mechanically injected diesel vehicles to run on straight, filtered vegetable oil. Vegetable oil as fuel is a cleaner, safer and less expensive alternative to petroleum based fuel. It can be locally produced, even grown in your own back yard!

Golden Fuel Systems: offers a series of conversion kits for many sizes of vehicles from small to huge.

Neotric Plant Drive: supply "SVO Kits" accessories, and equipment for the use of Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO), as fuel in MANY TYPES of diesel engines, and have been in business since 2000. We pioneered a number of the major advances in this field, especially in the area of cold climate use, electric heating, better onboard filtration, greatly increased onboard filter life, and used cooking oil applications.


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