Monday, September 26, 2005

Intervention required for U.S. oil addiction?

In alchoholism, a frequent tactic is the "intervention". Family members gang up on the alchoholic to raise awareness of the cost and danger from their alchoholism.

A Nation of 'Oiloholics' Needs an Intervention by Cynthia Tucker,

Ms. Tucker suggests the U.S. needs an intervention. As proof she points to a wave of state governors who suspended gasoline taxes in the wake of high gasoline prices following the recent hurricanes. Further to the point some Congress-persons have proposed capping gasoline taxes at some arbitrary level.

I agree with her that gasoline taxes are a way to encourage conservation. The higher the price of oil, the more people are going to try and avoid the use of oil. For example it seems lots of people are looking for fuel efficient vehicles such as the hybrids or motorcycles. If the price were still lower they might not be looking for fuel efficiency, but continuing their gas guzzling hummer-loving ways.

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