Thursday, July 28, 2005

A new kind of solar lighting

Maybe you're familiar with skylights .. y'know, cut a hole in the roof and install a window. They're great for ambient lighting, during the day. You don't have to turn on an electric light for that room, yet the room is well lit.

Another advantage is that the light is natural sunlight. The kind of light our bodies evolved over millions of years to love. Studies have shown that we function better in natural sunlight. Plus there's that concept that to create vitamin D in your body, you need natural sunlight.

Here's a new kind of skylight that has those benefits, but it's also directional and far more flexible than skylights. It uses zero electricity for great power savings.

It uses fiber optics to capture and carry light. Since fiber optics are highly flexible, this means you can route that light anywhere. Even rooms deep inside a building can have natural sunlight, simply by running the fiber optic cable to that room.


Q. When will a commercial product be available?

A. A commercially available product will be available in early 2007.


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