Monday, June 20, 2005

Solaicx; making solar electricity cost effective

I passed by this company on my way home this evening and saw the tag-line on the sign outside their building: We're making solar electricity cost effective and went, "hmmm... why haven't I seen that sign before?".

I've passed by that building a hundred times, and not seen it. Maybe they're new to the building or something.


That's the company web site. They don't say a lot, probably they're still in R&D and don't want to disclose very much. Anyway, they do say their focus is to optimize "single crystal" photovoltaics, pointing to the fact that most of the cost is from the traditional way the wafers are made. They're apparently developing a new process of producing wafers that's "optimized" for photovoltaic production.

This being silicon valley, it makes sense that we'd have some people here who could develop an optimized way to producing wafers.


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