Friday, May 20, 2005

The Vanadium Redox Battery

The Vanadium Redox Battery

The Redox Flow Cell is an electrochemical system which allows energy to be stored in two solutions containing different redox couples with electrochemical potentials sufficiently separated from each other to provide an electromotive force to drive the oxidation-reduction reactions needed to charge and discharge the cell. Unlike conventional batteries, the redox flow cell stores energy in the solutions, so that the capacity of the system is determined by the size of the electrolyte tanks, while the system power is determined by the size of the cell stacks. The redox flow cell is therefore more like a rechargeable fuel cell than a battery.

These are aparently meant as large scale batteries, used in electric power distribution systems. On the web site they describe it being used by power utility companies for "load leveling" and the like.

It uses a liquid electrolyte that is charged and discharged through plates in the solution. The liquid is reusable for an indefinite period.

Commercialization is being handled through Magnum Fuel Technologies in Australia.


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