Friday, May 13, 2005

Nuclear battery w/ 10 year lifespan

Hmmm... It can be compelling to have a battery that doesn't require recharging for 10 years. As an EV enthusiast that has me drooling.

But, it's nuclear power.

New ‘Nuclear Battery’ Runs 10 Years, 10 Times More Powerful (May 12, 2005, PhysOrg)

A battery with a lifespan measured in decades is in development at the University of Rochester, as scientists demonstrate a new fabrication method that in its roughest form is already 10 times more efficient than current nuclear batteries—and has the potential to be nearly 200 times more efficient. The details of the technology, already licensed to BetaBatt Inc., appears in today’s issue of Advanced Materials.

They're talking about using it for low-power-demand things like pacemakers. So it's probably not suitable for an EV.


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